Energy eco-efficiency
Of prefabricated houses

The Energy Efficiency Certification of buildings is a requirement derived from Directive 2002/91/CE. Energy Efficiency can be defined as the reduction of energy consumption while maintaining the same energy services, without reducing our comfort and quality of life, protecting the environment, ensuring its supply and encouraging sustainable behavior in its use .

Our homes, with the "+PASSIVHAUS" package, achieve CLASS A energy efficiency

A good installation on the ground, looking for the appropriate solar orientation, protection from the prevailing winds, as well as having good insulation both from the outside and from the ground, gives the house a very high capacity to protect itself from the outside environment and inclement weather. The construction with the construction system Light Steel Frame LSF® gives the house optimal benefits in this section, far superior to the construction with traditional systems (level of efficiency between two and three levels higher).

In addition, combined with the "+PASSIVHAUS" pack, with a renewable energy supply system, with thermal installations of high efficiency and performance, a class A energy classification is achieved. In addition, this reverts to form of savings in energy consumption, and therefore in economic expenditure.

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