Construction elements of prefabricated houses

The cover can be of two types, depending on whether it is accessible and passable, or not.

Thus, the structure of the same also varies, depending on whether it has to bear the overloads of use as an accessible terrace or not, as established by the CTE and current regulations. Therefore, we mainly have covers of the type:

  1. TRANSITABLE: It is a cover that is made up of sloped concrete, the waterproof sheet, the thermal insulation, and the finish of the terrace pavement.
  2. NOT PASSABLE: It is usually the upper deck, which is not passable (only for maintenance tasks). It consists of a light cover. It consists of three elements: support, insulation and waterproofing and/or finish. Compared to a conventional roof, it has the following advantages: total waterproofing - without joints -, excellent insulation, lightness, speed of assembly,...

Comparison table between lines of finishes




Non-passable roof cover finish, with thermal insulation, waterproofing and gravel finish

Roof finish / passable terrace with non-slip sandstone pavement

Inclined roof of Arabic tile / concrete

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