Construction process for steel modular homes

In this section we explain the whole construction process from the start to the end.
We handle everything. Below you can see a brief summary of all tasks included in the process.

01 Initial Phase / project

  1. Definition of the needs: plot, people, surface area, housing type, components and finish choice.
  2. Construction contract: price, terms and payment guarantee
  3. Geotechnical study
  4. Building Project
  5. Architectural fees
  6. Town Planning Certificate

02 Phase of work

Preparation: Administrative procedures and plot
  1. Planning permission
  2. Time setting for construction certificates
  3. Technical architect fees
  4. Workplace overture
  5. Cleaning of the plot to build
  1. Excavation for foundation
  2. Slab foundation / strip footings
  3. Electrical connections and water, and connections rates
  4. Plumbing and catch basins
  5. Slab structure and isolation
  6. Facade walls connection and isolation
  7. Interior walls and isolation
  8. Channels and downspouts
  9. Carpentry: windows, interior and exterior doors, wood finishes
Installations, bathroom and kitchen modules, finishes
  1. Ventilation system
  2. Heating / air conditioning
  3. Stoneware tiles
  4. Water installation
  5. Electricity installation
  6. Home automation (optional)
  7. Waterproofing
  8. Bathroom fixtures
  9. Kitchen furniture
  10. Options: blinds, solarium, central vacuum, condensing boiler, fireplace, rainwater tank with pump for irrigation, swimming pool, heated pool, sustainable energy solutions, rainwater recovery storage, etc
  11. Possibilities for outdoor gardening

03 Completion of work or warranties firms

  1. A ten-year guarantee, according to official regulations
  2. Last construction certification payment
  3. Final completion certificate/ Certificate of occupancy
  4. Proceedings for subscription contract with utility companies (carried out by the individual)
  5. Use and Care Manual delivery
  6. Possible preventive periodic reviews