Construction system for steel modular homes

Company philosophy

Edomus® is a conjunction of the contribution by a number of professionals from the fields of architecture, engineering and housing development and construction.

Edomus® concept represents a new model to interpret the proposals of the client. We carefully consider all concerns and challenges that you may have and we offer current, functional solutions and attractive designs.

Keeping in mind our current socioeconomic context and concerns about sustainability, we believe that construction of a home should be done in a manner that greatly reduces our impact on the environment and that results in a home which may suit every taste and budget. That is why we have developed Edomus®_LSF steel modular building system. This construction system is the perfect combination of the benefits of industrialized building system, and quality finishes and design flexibility from traditional construction systems.

It consists of a modular structure of high strength galvanized steel, which is also used as the basis for building closure. Steel physical properties make it one of the most versatile materials for construction since it is:

  1. ELASTIC. Steel does not break as it has a great strength and elasticity. It is easily workable and it has a great advantage over traditional construction.
  2. RECYCLABLE. Steel is 100% recyclable.
  3. DURABLE. With zinc application, it can become galvanized steel, which has extraordinary durability properties.

Edomus®_LSF modular construction system adds to the steel structure thermal acoustic insulation based on mineral wood, and that helps to achieve more benefits in construction than using traditional systems.
Facade closing is carried out with OSB panels. These are panels with a great physical-mechanical resistance, screws starting resistance and painting possibilities.
The entire building enclosure is protected with Tyvek® Facade. It is a flexible sheet for waterproofing in façades made of wood, metal or concrete. In ventilated cladding, Tyvek® Facade ensures optimal protection from sunlight, wind and water.Moreover, this system allows any desired finish: single-coat render on fixing system based on galvanized steel mesh, Viroc panels (a composite panel with flat surface made of a compressed, dried mixture of wood particles and Portland cement), phenolic compact panels such as Trespa, Prodema, porcelain tile on facade, etc. The result is a building system that improves your quality of life.

In addition, Edomus®_LSF steel modular construction system can be adapted to any architectural design.