Construction elements of prefabricated houses

Façade according to the Light Steel Frame LSF® construction system.
Thermal and acoustic insulation based on mineral wool type ROCKWOOL® -or similar-.
Closure of facades with structural panels type OSB 3 HYDROFUG.


  • ETICS-SATE facade, SIKA® COTETERM® SYSTEM -or equivalent-.
  • Thermal insulation system for the outside, based on the adhesion of insulating expanded polystyrene plates, type Coteterm EPS BCO plate, using Coteterm M mortar, and anchored with fixings to the resistant structural support.
  • "ACRYLIC" finish

OPTIONAL FINISHES (according to budget):

  • VENTILATED / PANELED FACADE: With facade panels, such as with Euronit® with Equitone system with Tectiva-Etercolor panel (cement composite panel reinforced with cellulose fibers), or Viroc® (it is a composite panel, with flat surfaces , composed of a mixture of wood particles and compressed and dried portland cement), or phenolic compact panels such as Trespa®, Prodema® ...
  • CERAMIC: Finished with porcelain stoneware for the facade, with specifications according to the project.
  • WOOD: natural or synthetic heat-treated wood, placed on slats of the same material, becoming a ventilated facade.

Comparison table between lines of finishes




Façade with light steel frame LSF® structural construction system

Thermal and acoustic insulation based on 60 mm ROCKWOOL® mineral wool. or similar

Facade closure with OSB 3 waterproof structural panel

Parex® Acrylic synthetic mortar facade

Synthetic mortar facade ETICS-SATE system of Sika® Coteterm Acrylic / Finish / GR

Ventilated facade finish with HD Euronit® reinforced cement panels or similar

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