Interior carpentry
construction elements of prefabricated houses

  • Access door to the house with aluminum security lock, of the same grade as the exterior carpentry.
  • Interior carpentry finished in white lacquer, according to the chosen line of finishes.
  • Optionally, you can choose sliding doors according to the architectural design, as well as other finishes - according to the budget -
  • Optional (NOT INCLUDED). In front of built-in wardrobes, according to the architectural design proposal and according to the line of finishes. In front of cupboards with the same finish as the passage doors, without interior distribution (optional).

Comparison table between lines of finishes




Access door to the house with three-point security fence

Internal carpentry door block recoated with DM, white lacquer, stainless steel handle.

Internal carpentry door block recoated from DM, finish of your choice, stainless steel handle.

Interior carpentry solid DM door block, white lacquered, stainless steel handle.

Sliding interior doors (includes hidden structure for sliding)

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