Steel modular home projects

Detached house in Tortosa

Collection: ARCHITECT
Line of finishes and equipment package: AURA, +SOLAR Package, +PASSIVHAUS Package, +POOL Package, +TECH Package
Finished project

The prefab house of the future

What will the house of the future be like? Probably no one knows for sure, but surely we all agree that it will be as sustainable as possible and fully automated. In this line, modular houses, increasingly developed both in terms of features and design, are envisioned as the home of the future.

Nice House, a prefabricated house that incorporates notable advances in this type of modular construction. It is raised on a steel structure, which gives it an improvement in terms of sustainability. Its architectural design is modern in style, very contemporary. It is conceptualized from cubic shapes that alternate with huge holes and large windows. All this evokes great luminosity inside, creating a pleasant effect of spaciousness and continuity between the landscape and the house.

A technological house

The house is equipped with Jung home automation technology and mechanisms. Almost all of its electrical installations are automated, from the production of photovoltaic solar energy and energy consumption, to the irrigation system, alarms, musical audio or video intercom. It includes a remote control function, managed through the ComfortClick graphic interface, which supports verbal commands through Amazon Alexa.

The lighting is directed through the KNX home automation system, which allows programming predefined scenes in the rooms of the house. On the other hand, the LS 990 Aluminum mechanisms adjust the shades and blinds according to the desired solar lighting. Of course, the air conditioning and underfloor heating system is also automated through eight control zones.