Model ARIA
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Function and design.

Single-family house, on the ground floor.
Model that allows its construction isolated, or attached, as shown in the images.
Simple design and strong shapes. Continuity of the main lines of the house, creating an envelope that folds back and generates the volumes of the house. The living room opens onto a generously sized paved space or terrace, where you can install a sun protection that protects from sunlight in summer and expands the feeling of space in the day area, projecting it towards the outside, the garden and the views.

Organization of spaces.

The house is structured in two differentiated areas, with a hall space that separates and differentiates the day core, with the kitchen and the living room. In a more private area, the night area, with 3 independent rooms. Includes suite.

Additional equipment.

If the client requests it, it can be customized with the addition of finishes with composite panels and a ventilated façade, which could be easily integrated into the design. In the same way you can incorporate changes in the colors of the finishes.

Technical Specifications


Useful Surfaces
01Receiver - Distributor (AP)
7,64 m2
02Living room - Dining room -
Kitchen (E-M-C)
31,01 m2
03Room 01 (H)
13,80 m2
04Room 02 (H)
10,61 m2
05Room 03 (H)
8,51 m2
06Bathroom 01 (CH)
3,75 m2
07Bathroom 02 (CH)
4,13 m2
79,45 m2
08Cabinet facilities
1,46 m2
4,72 m2
10Terrace 01
18,59 m2
11Terrace 02
8,72 m2
Built Surfaces
93,53 m2
93,53 m2
2,39 m2

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