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Function and design.
Single-family house, on the ground floor.
Access area and central distribution, with views of the plot, as the central axis from which the house is distributed.
Avant-garde design, with simple and timeless lines.
Organization of spaces.
The house is divided into two different areas, near the access area, the day area, with the kitchen and the living room.
In a more private area, the night area, with the possibility of up to five independent rooms. Includes suite.
In the central area there is a study with a large opening that gives light to the access core, and at the same time enhances the views.
Additional equipment.
The design incorporates finishing solutions, such as coatings with composite panels, or the integrated access door.
In addition, it can be customized according to the client's needs.
Technical Specifications


Useful Surfaces
01Receiver (AP)
5,52 m2
02Dispatch (H)
10,33 m2
03Living room - Dining room (E-M)
36,08 m2
04Kitchen (C)
23,56 m2
05Pantry (AP)
5,07 m2
06Distributor (AP)
12,36 m2
07Room 01 (CH)
6,48 m2
08Room 01 (H)
7,50 m2
10Room 02 (H)
9,30 m2
11Room 03 (H)
9,30 m2
12Room 04 (H)
12,77 m2
13Dressing room (AP)
7,70 m2
14Bathroom 02 (CH)
6,12 m2
157,49 m2
15Cabinet facilities
1,59 m2
16Entrance hall
10,03 m2
24,56 m2
Built Surfaces
183,48 m2
183,48 m2
27,10 m2

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