Sustainable architecture Committed to the environment
and to the people who inhabit it

Configure your own prefabricated home
new way of living

What is EDOMUS?

Flexible design

EDOMUS makes sustainable and environmentally friendly construction possible, with a flexible design that adapts to you, and with the highest quality standards.


EDOMUS listens to you, accompanies you in the process of imagining and making your home a reality. It is a close, friendly brand that is aware of the current moment we are living in and the needs of people who take the step of betting on a new way of living.


EDOMUS is a connection with nature and the territory, but it is also a vision of the future. Natural resources are limited: it is time to become aware. Sustainable architecture helps you reduce environmental impact with integrated solutions for efficiency and energy savings. It reduces the carbon footprint because it uses materials such as wood, which require little energy to manufacture and transport.


EDOMUS is conscious architecture because it thinks about the conservation of the environment: from the design, to the study of the area in which the house will be located, going through the choice of materials.


EDOMUS represents the perfect conjunction between design, efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to industrialized construction and new advances in construction systems and materials, it is presented as the best option for the construction of your home.

Models of prefabricated houses
made of steel, modular and sustainable

Customize your space to measure

Collections and design lines

The edomus® steel house collections offer a high degree of customization so that you can adapt them to your taste. Not only will you be able to choose between design lines, but you will also be able to enjoy the possibility of deciding between a range of finishes, as well as choosing between various equipment packages.


There are no limits to the imagination.

They are models of houses of custom design.
It is a unique and personal design, made together with the client, to measure.
There are no limits to the imagination.

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A safe value.

These are models that, due to their design, functionality, and housing concept, are exportable to a large number of situations in which the customer demands a solution of optimal design, quality, and functionality, at a very competitive price.

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Do not give up living in the center

Custom construction, between party walls, located in the urban area of ​​the city, normally developed on several levels.

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Architecture that excites you.

Original constructions, intended for equipment, shopping centers, service buildings, etc. The versatility of the lightweight framework structural system demonstrates its advantages in this type of complex and unique buildings.

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We build your home We build your sustainable steel modular prefab home
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Projects of prefabricated houses carried out

Not all spaces are the same, nor do all designs have the same characteristics. Each project is studied and adapted to the needs raised. We have a team of technical specialists to carry it out.