Steel modular home quote, configure your own prefabricated home

MAS1 MAS1 [] 53.80 m2
MAS2 MAS2 [] 59.36 m2
M40 M40 [] 40.00 m2
M60 M60 [] 60.00 m2
M80 M80 [] 80.00 m2
XS1 XS1 [] 30.00 m2
XS2 XS2 [] 39.30 m2
ARIA ARIA [] 93.53 m2
ATENEA ATENEA [] 91.39 m2
DAFNE DAFNE [] 106.48 m2
FEME FEME [] 119.87 m2
HERA HERA [] 124.88 m2
ILITIA ILITIA [] 120.00 m2
ARES ARES [] 112.22 m2
IRIS IRIS [] 150.55 m2
CRONOS CRONOS [] 159.26 m2
EROS EROS [] 143.16 m2
HADES HADES [] 142.91 m2
PERSEO PERSEO [] 183.64 m2
NIOBE NIOBE [] 183.48 m2
MORFEO MORFEO [] 199.19 m2
ZEUS ZEUS [] 186.44 m2

1.1. Introduce surface area of the dwelling

Other uses

1.2. Depending on the configuration of the home, it includes bathrooms and toilets

Línea de acabados sólo disponible para promociones mínimas de cuatro unidades.

(see quality report)

(Air conditioning through ducts already included with the AURA finish)

Includes Basic Project + Execution Project + Visa + Basic Health and Safety Study + Construction Management + CFO and Certificate of Habitability

Includes Structural Calculation + Technical Assistance in the Construction Management



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For budgets below 100 m2 contact Edomus


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